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#Obsession... that would be the best way to think of us. 4 guys (two engineers and two wake surf pioneers : OG's from Day 1 and Inland Surfer) who got together to build boards, experiment with designs and materials.

The initial goal was to have fun and build stuff we wanted to ride ourselves and to experiment with the marriage of art and engineering. We would simulate designs in software, play with different materials and construction techniques and then hammer on them on the water until we were naturally bridging the gaps between art and science and fundamentally changing the ride experiences for us and our friends. As we evolved we found that almost everyone who would get on our boards behind our boats were asking us for their own custom builds... and so launched our new venture : E1evated Boardworks. Whether it is stuff we are designing or things we are buying for ourselves... we are dedicated to helping our friends and customers jump into "WOW". 

If you see it on our website it is because we have designed it and are riding it or we tried it, loved it and decided to share the stoke with others. Our selection of Goya, KT, Quatro and MFC kit all falls into that category... the fins we sell are the fins on our sticks. If there is a better board (like the KT Drifter series) we will point you that way instead of trying to go custom for you. 

Come inside and share our stoke. We will elevate your ride level. 

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